Inspiration for ear and heart

Have a listen!

Here you will find audio files recorded by me for you.

For the most part, these are guided meditations that aim to help you relax better by following my voice, making it easier to focus your mind.

Calming your own mind and getting it to think what is helpful to you can be practiced. And based on the hermeneutic law: “Everything is mind” this also makes sense, because our thoughts ultimately shape our world.

27. December 2021


Sabine Hochmuth · Vergebung Weihnachten 2021 Meditative exercise for more peace & freedom This small, fine meditative exercise wants to support you in forgiving yourself and […]
24. April 2021

A life with Reiki

Sabine Hochmuth · A life with Reiki Reading from my new book Testimonials from Reiki practitioners I sat down today at one of my favorite places […]
23. April 2021

Life energy

Sabine Hochmuth · Life energy Visualization exercise I have called this guided visualization exercise “Life Energy”. It is a meditative exercise for you and your consciousness. […]
8. December 2020

Standing like a tree

Sabine Hochmuth · Standing like a tree Grounding exercise: I have called this little exercise “Standing like a tree”. With this I want to support you […]
8. December 2020

Calm in wild times

Sabine Hochmuth · Calm in wild times Guided meditation by the sea “Calm in wild times” I have called this guided meditation. It is recorded during […]
3. September 2020

Breath of life

Sabine Hochmuth · Breath of life · Guided meditation for beginners: I have called this introduction to sitting meditation “Breath of Life”. It is suitable for […]
27. August 2020

All is well

Sabine Hochmuth · All is well· Audio introduction to autosuggestion: “All is well” is the title of this guided meditation, which I already recorded a few […]