Der Mensch, der den Berg versetzte, war derselbe, der damit begann, kleine Steine weg zu tragen.”

(chin. Sprichwort)

The good combo

Help for Self-help for your smiling life

Sometimes it takes a careful look from the outside, an understanding and loving support from a competent uninvolved person, to recognize why something has gone awry. In a protected and professional setting we develop together the inner and outer realignment that you want for your life.

Reiki Coaching is a form of spiritual development support developed by me, which combines traditional and modern healing knowledge into a new whole. Depending on your needs, we conduct solution- and resource-oriented counseling sessions, which I complement with energetic impulses and systemic-spiritual techniques.

The special thing is that we work simultaneously on the level of the body, mind and soul. Gently and yet effectively we act on the mental, psycho-emotional and spiritual areas. In this way, the patterns of experience, imprinting, thinking and behavior that no longer serve you can be released in depth. And so a lasting clarification and healing process is set in motion.

Because these impulses, which are specially adapted to you and your life situation, enable your body-mind-spirit system to make full use of its regulatory mechanisms and self-healing powers. In this respect, my method can be used for all dysfunctions and to accompany any medical and therapeutic treatment.

We bring light into the dark

In the overall healing process activated by Reiki coaching for adults, couples, teenagers and children …

  • … we solve holistically and sustainably conflict- and disease-causing patterns and emotions – for your everyday life in joy, abundance, peace and freedom!
  • … we strengthen your physical, psychological and spiritual self-healing powers and promote your self-confidence as well as your self-efficacy – for your smiling life!
  • … we harmonize dysfunctions on all levels – for your holistic health!
  • … we connect your natural body intelligence with the creative power of your mind and the gentle strength of your soul – for your inner balance!
  • … we bring you back to your center – for your inner strength and peace!

The Reiki Coaching is also available as an online-offer, i.e. by phone, video or remote. And you can learn this wonderful and effective method yourself.

Becoming effective together

  • Please get in touch with me. It is best if you already tell me your request and your desired dates (days and times).
  • I will suggest dates for Reiki Coaching if I think that we can work out a solution for you together.
  • If we are working in personal presence, you will lie relaxed and fully clothed on a comfortable treatment couch during the Reiki coaching session. You are fully conscious throughout the treatment while I talk to you and lay hands on (or over) various parts of your body.
  • If we are working by Phone or Video, you will retire to a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for the next 60 to 90 minutes. You decide whether you sit or lie down during the session, with or without a headset, etc. – The important thing is that you can be relaxed and focused.
  • At the end of the session, we decide together on your further path, for example whether it makes sense to have one or more sessions follow immediately or later. There are also discounted packages for this (see below).
  • My goal is to give you a comprehensive overview of your current life situation, to develop possibilities for change and to find and implement holistic and sustainable solutions.
  • And so at the end of this transformation process you can actively and creatively shape your life.

I look forward to you and our work together! You will certainly be surprised how much and how quickly can be moved and changed by a Reiki Coaching …

You should know

  • A session is always as short as possible and as long as necessary. As a rule, we need about 120 minutes for these intensive settings at the first meeting and about 90 minutes for the following ones with pre- and post-talk. I will charge you for the actual time spent.
  • If you find out within the first 30 minutes of our first meeting that the Reiki Coaching does not suit you, this time is free of charge for you.
  • I am a friend of working quickly, directly and decisively. In any case, as the client, you set the theme, direction, duration and speed of our work together.
  • Sometimes so many blockages or issues can be resolved in the first session that it is sufficient. However, it usually makes sense to make several appointments in a row (therefore you will find package prices below). The time interval between the individual appointments depends on your individual needs as well as your personal speed of development.
  • I reserve a lot of time for each individual client, so please be mindful of our agreed appointments. If you have to cancel an appointment, please do so at least 24 hours in advance – I usually can’t give appointments cancelled at short notice and have to charge for them in full.
  • You are welcome to pay in cash or by ec-card at the end of the session if it takes place offline; if it takes place online, you will receive an invoice which you may then transfer promptly.
  • Although the effectiveness of a Reiki session is also increasingly recognized in science, the costs are not (yet) covered or only partially covered by health insurance. However, they are a sustainable investment in your holistic health..
  • My wish is that at the end of our Reiki Coaching process you can make your decisions from the greatest possible freedom. And that you are no longer influenced by hindering imprints, experiences, learned patterns of thinking and behavior or disturbing self-images.
  • Your desire for change and the willingness to engage in an intensive process as well as to try out and implement new things is the basic prerequisite for our successful cooperation.
  • If you are working with me for the first time, I will send you a treatment contract before our appointment. Please read it carefully and then bring it to the first session or send it back to me.

Discounted packages

The Reiki-Coaching is a deep and effective developmental support, which has been developed from my many years of experience and is individually tailored to you.

You can book single sessions as well as packages, as in many cases it is helpful to do several Reiki coaching sessions in a row – the number as well as the rhythm depends on the complexity of your issue.

Special rates apply for my Reiki students, please contact me for details.

Also for couples it usually makes sense to do several Reiki Coaching sessions in a row – the duration, number and rhythm of the appointments depends on your topics. Therefore I have put together booking packages for you …

Reiki Coaching in special cases

Grief processing of a different kind: contacts to the afterlife

For mourners who have lost a person, it is often difficult to let go, perhaps because there is still something unresolved, there is still a question in the room or they simply want to know how the person “there” is doing. Being able to communicate with the missing person on the soul level is experienced by the bereaved as relieving, fulfilling and liberating.

Through my near-death experience, which I had as a result of a serious accident in 2000, I have a “good connection to the other side”. So if you want to get in touch with one of your deceased loved ones – maybe because you have questions or want to clarify something or just want to know how he or she is doing, feel free to make an appointment with me. You can also read about my near-death experience (Reiki Magazine 14/01).

Recharge your batteries: Relaxation and burnout prophylaxis

Everyday life demands a lot from us, both professionally and privately. It can happen that we run out of breath, our nerves are on edge, and we feel physically and mentally exhausted.

By means of Reiki, the “batteries” can be recharged, we draw new strength and thus face again with more ease and joy all the tasks and challenges of life. The goal is that you come back into your own power and stay there, we find and work on “energy robbers” and you learn (again) to be good to yourself.

Light on the horizon: help for depression, pain and chronic illnesses

Depression has become one of the most common and probably most underestimated diseases. Studies show how useful holistic approaches such as Reiki are for depressive moods, even if they occur in conjunction with pain symptoms or chronic diseases such as rheumatism or fibromyalgia.

They challenge man to find a new attitude to his life: The “whole person” wants to heal or find a way to live with it. Consequently, body, mind and soul must be addressed and nourished here in order to draw strength and new courage to live.

People often report to me after only a few Reiki applications that they appreciate this attention-oriented treatment, can usually surrender well to relaxation, and that the energy associated with the touch helps them on various levels.

Strengthening self-healing powers: Support and aftercare for cancer

In the deep relaxation during a Reiki treatment, the body can recharge its batteries. This also leads to a reduction in the experience of pain as well as to a mental and spiritual relaxation. New courage to face life and new perspectives arise as if by themselves and are allowed to unfold.

Inner balance and acceptance in all phases of fear, anger, grief, despair and resignation can be positively influenced in this process. In addition, the self-healing powers dormant in every human being are activated, enabling the person concerned to make full use of his or her natural regulatory mechanisms.

Often the desire arises to learn the use of Reiki for yourself or for a sick relative. This is possible within a short time. Thus, there is an effective way to take good care of yourself and the sick person at the same time.

Other possible topics …

As individual as each person is, so are the life situations and issues to be addressed. These could be:

  • Anxiety management: Overcoming fears of the future, (self) doubts, worries – developing ways to deal with fears.
  • Joy is the compass: Recognizing and following your own path in life.
  • My path: Finding my calling – recognizing and using resources.  
  • Living with meaning: What fulfills me? What hinders me? – Finding and solving “obstacles”.
  • Free flow: Where am I stuck? – Releasing blockages in all areas of life.
  • Unpacking my backpack: Recognizing, working on and transforming mental ballast.
  • Finding serenity: Spiritual personality development.
  • Strengthening the ego: Discovering and realizing self-confidence and self-assurance in oneself.
  • In tranquility lies power: Finding possibilities for individual relaxation.
  • Creativity of slowness: More quality of life by recognizing the right to leisure time as well as one’s own rhythm of life.
  • From self-awareness to self-efficacy: Finding confidence in one’s own abilities and possibilities.
  • Work-life balance: Finding a balance between professional time and free time.
  • Marriage, relationship and everyday life: Allow closeness and distance, learn to re- and act, develop common rituals.  
  • Desire for children: Who or what is standing in the way of conception? Working on energetic and spiritual obstacles.
  • Pregnancy and birth: Ways to discover a relaxed, fear-free and self-determined birth.
  • Fidgeting: Working out individual options for children and adolescents who have difficulties in “normal” life.
  • Meaning of life: Learning to enjoy life.
  • Shaper of my life: Finding and implementing coherent individual life paths.
  • Mourning and mourning rituals: Saying goodbye, also in the case of relationship separations, critical life events or non-events.