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Freedom through

Health is not so much a state
as an attitude,
and it thrives
with the joy of living.

Thomas v. Aquin

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Sabine Hochmuth
Reiki-Master, -Teacher and -Coach, Intuitive Medium, Book Author, International Speaker, Ethnologist, Pedagogue, Political Scientist (M.A.)

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Lecture about my self-employment with Reiki (in German)

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1. January 2022

You are a sorceress

The magic of new beginnings “Happy New Year … … to you,” is probably the most frequently uttered phrase in January 2022. When it is spoken […]
27. December 2021


Sabine Hochmuth · Vergebung Weihnachten 2021 Meditative exercise for more peace & freedom This small, fine meditative exercise wants to support you in forgiving yourself and […]
30. November 2021

Finding the beginning in the end

End & beginning are inseparable December as a time of transition This time last year, 2020, I was in the middle of it: I had decided […]

A life with Reiki

Experience reports
of Reiki users

by Sabine Hochmuth

An amazing, true-to-life and sympathetic collection of life stories that give the reader surprising, touching, heartbreaking and hopeful insights into the life-changing power of Reiki.

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With self-healing meditation you can consciously rewrite your inner script.

This meditation, personally received and recorded for you by me, is a powerful guide for your development and self-healing towards your dream life.

All other offers of the month also serve to start your new year powerfully.

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Even though one is on one end of the world and the other on the other, we can see, hear and feel each other, yay! I am a big fan of working online!

If you want to be even closer, you can also come to me personally in Cyprus, for example during the Circle of life on April 22.

Learning Reiki with me in the mountains of Cyprus is an experience! You can also start the Reiki-Master-Training this way.

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