“Mögen unsere Herzen erfüllt sein mit dem unerschütterlichen Wagemut der Schneeglöckchen, mit der ansteckenden Heiterkeit der Sonnenblumen und der wohltuenden Leichtigkeit der Pusteblumen…”

(unbekannter Autor)

Harness the power of the moon

Since time immemorial, the moon – in other languages: the moon – has exerted a very special fascination on people. And since time immemorial, people have used the special powers of the full and new moon for special ceremonies and rituals, as well as to support healing and growth processes.

I would like to take up this tradition again and at the same time give you the opportunity to connect more with the rhythms of nature. Especially in wild times, these natural cycles can create orientation and structure that give you a sense of connection, inner stability and trust in the course of life.

Creator Circle

Manifestation training

to create

your dream life

The Latin word manifestation means something like ‘to make tangible’. It denotes the becoming visible of things of all kinds that were previously invisible. In the spiritual context, I would want to expand this definition: By consciously directing our mind power, we bring something previously formless or non-existent into a form or matter.

Consciously using one’s own creative power

We manifest always and everywhere, but unfortunately mostly rather unconsciously, because we give free rein to our thoughts and feelings. And quite often these learned thought and behavior patterns work rather against us and our dream life, because perhaps a belief set like “I have not earned it” or “No pain, no gain” or “It can’t be that easy” work out of the subconscious.

The good news is: we have influence over what we want to think and feel. This can be learned as well as the application of certain tools that support us in bringing what we desire into our lives. In particular, knowing and applying cosmic laws does wonders when it comes to manifesting your dreams!

Bring your wishes to life

Are you ready to …

  • … to connect even more with your essence and creativity?
  • … realize your wishes for more freedom, professional and private change, more joie de vivre, lightness or …?
  • … to consciously shape your life out of your own creative power?
  • … to recognize yourself as a creator and to use the power of your mind and your feelings for your desired life?

Then this group is just right for you!

Drawing from the full

We also use the special powers of the full moon, which have been attributed to her since time immemorial – after all, she sets whole oceans in motion … 😉

The full moon manifestation cycle I developed brings us into connection with the creative forces within us and with those of the full moon: we draw from the full!

In this exclusive group we actively enter into manifesting with powerful rituals and the power of the full moon. And so, bit by bit, we bring our dreams into reality and gradually create our desired life. Hooray!

Here’s how it works:

  • At the beginning of this manifestation cycle I will equip you with the basics: You will learn theoretically and practically everything you need from me to be able to start with the manifestation of your wishes and goals.
  • On the following full moon days we will gather in a virtual energy circle. You decide where you want to be, whether at your home, in nature, etc.. – You only need internet access to participate in the video conference.
  • The high vibrational energy field that I set up and then we hold together carries us through the full moon ritual, which each of us performs for ourselves in the place we choose.
  • Under my guidance, you then use various ‘tools’ to manifest your wishes – this can be, for example, consciously directing your mind power, energetically charging the wish, speaking a special ritual text, a cleansing moon bath to raise your overall vibration, and so on ….
  • In this way we lay the spiritual seed for your new being, support it in its growth, and also remove obstacles such as the notorious doubt.
  • On the following full moon, we look at where everyone stands with their desires, establish new ones or strengthen the old ones. And we look at what impulses and inspirations for their implementation have emerged in the meantime.
  • We do this on three full moons in a row. In addition, there are two further dates, the prelude or conclusion of the manifestation cycle, which is intended for the theoretical as well as verbal exchange within the group. In between we keep the contact in the closed group on Signal.
  • Should you not be able to participate in one of the dates, it does not matter, because these are recorded, so that you can alternatively use the video recording for.

Since the key to successful manifestation is routine, this offering is designed as a four-month group.

Participation requirement

Any woman can attend, some experience with vision and manifestation work is helpful but not required.

Full moon Meditation cycle

Find and use

the treasures within you!

During the monthly online full moon meditations, we use the empowering light and transformative power of the full moon to illuminate our inner treasures, gradually making them useful in our daily lives.

And by getting in touch with “la Luna” and her rhythm, we also easily and playfully train the natural ability to move more, more trustfully and more joyfully with and in the flow of life again.

I offer this free meditation project in my closed Facebook group “(Er-)Lebe Dich neu!”.

Away from lack – towards fullness

We consciously shift our focus away from the deficits, the supposed lack and towards all the treasures that lie dormant within us, that want to be discovered and lived. We pay attention to the resources, strengths, potentials, talents, the abundance within us and all the abilities and skills that are within us.

  • My thematic monthly impulse as well as the inspiring questions that I give to the group on the full moon day lead you to yourself, to your inner realm with all its treasures that are waiting for you there.
  • In the second step, you connect with me and the energy field we create through meditation together.
  • In this way we include the mental as well as the psycho-emotional and spiritual level in this process of transformation.
  • After our online full moon meditation you will return to your everyday life relaxed, refreshed, clarified, strengthened, focused and powerful. Hooray!

A great experience for all people who want to bring their hidden treasures to light, rethink their lives playfully and change them gently!

Here’s how it works:

  • If you are not yet a member of my Facebook group “(Er-)Lebe Dich neu!”, please submit a membership request.
  • On every full moon we gather in a virtual circle – each one for himself, at home, in nature or just at the place where you are at the moment.
  • Starting at 8 a.m. (German time) you answer the inspiration questions in writing according to the theme of the month, which I have placed in the group during the course of the full moon day.
  • From 8:15 a.m. you go into your usual form of meditation, sitting or lying down, in the Zen or lotus seat, etc. and connect with the energy field I have already built up. We then maintain this healing space together until 8:45 am.
  • The remaining 15 minutes until 9 o’clock are for sharing the experiences during the meditation within the group.

Here you can find a few voices about the full moon meditation …

Participation requirement

Some meditation experience and enjoyment in learning more about yourself

Make yourself free!

New moon spell

for the

new beginning

Empty Moon is the name given to the New Moon in Switzerland. Energetically, it is a turning point that encourages us to consciously empty ourselves, to cleanse ourselves, to let go of the burdensome and to move from heaviness to lightness.

In this way we create space within ourselves, can take a deep breath, reflect and think and feel new things without being influenced. At the new moon, many people start to leave bad habits behind or to put a long-cherished plan into action.

If you too feel that it is time to make a change in your life, now is the time!

Are you ready …

  • … to break your – also self-created – chains and to live more freely?
  • … for more freedom and abundance, lightness and joy in your life?
  • … to leave the past and patterns that no longer serve you behind?
  • … to awaken the courage in you to say goodbye to the familiar and welcome the new?
  • … to release burdensome topics from the past – also from the ancestral line – from your life?

… then this group is just right for you!

New Moon – New Beginning: The Magic of the Beginning

The special new moon energy is perfect for saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new.

By means of rituals developed and personally tested by me, we make ourselves empty, silent. And we cleanse ourselves body-mind-spirit system from disturbing patterns as well as hindering experiences, which are stored in us and which so far unconsciously affected our life.

We consciously make ourselves a blank sheet of paper and at the same time create the possibility to freely, unencumbered and openly rewrite the chapters of our lives.

An intense experience of deep, trusting letting go and at the same time conscious, joyful initiation of a new beginning – great!

Here’s how it works:

  • On the new moon day we gather in a virtual energy circle. You decide where you want to be, whether at your home, in nature, etc.. – You only need internet access to participate in the video conference.
  • The high vibrational energy field I set up and then we hold together carries us through the new moon ritual, which each of us performs for ourselves in the place we choose.
  • Under my guidance, we enter into a meditative state and consciously connect with the new moon as well as its special, cleansing energy, which we absorb deeply: We let go of what is burdening and give ourselves completely to emptiness – a wonderfully soothing state.
  • This can be, for example, a cleansing new moon bath that lets you be more permeable, lighter, brighter and luminous.
  • If needed, I will additionally connect with your body-mind-spirit system and support your cleansing and letting go process by means of a long-distance energy transmission.
  • Out of this emptiness usually arises an impulse that gives you a hint how the next step for your new beginning can look like. It is best to write this down – perhaps in a very special book?
  • Finally, I connect with the spiritual world and receive a helpful message for us.

Participation requirement

Anyone can participate. And you can also participate several times, i.e. at different new moons.

Healing Moon: Healing Circle for the Heart

Remote-energy-transmission for healing the heart

Every person carries smaller or larger scars in their heart. These wounds – perhaps caused in childhood, love relationships, family dramas, disappointments and painful experiences – sometimes prevent us from living a truly happy life in the here and now.

We want to change that in this healing circle! Because the new moon is an excellent time to let go of the old and start the new – just as we do in the new moon spell (see above).

By means of my remote energy transmission and the new moon we support the healing process of your heart and thus pave the way for your new beginning …


  • You register via my website for the desired date.
  • On the morning of the new moon day you then retire to a quiet place – at home, in the great outdoors or wherever you happen to be. Please make sure that you can lie or sit comfortably and undisturbed for the next 30 minutes. That’s all you have to do!
  • While you sit or lie relaxed and open yourself for the energy transmission, I will connect with you remotely and send healing energy for or into your heart.
  • During the 20 minutes of the long-distance transmission, Reiki will release what is no longer serving you and at the same time bring out what is now moving you forward – bit by bit, the old hurts will heal.
  • As a rule, you will feel warmth, tingling or a flowing during the transmission time, sometimes feelings may appear that want to be released, possibly in the form of tears. Just let it happen, everything happens for your own good.
  • After my remote energy transmission, please take another ten minutes to let it take effect and integrate the healing energy.
  • As a rule, you will be able to return to your everyday life cleared, liberated, peaceful, smiling and full of energy.
  • If you wish, you can write me a short email afterwards and tell me what experiences you had during the transmission.

Feeling the powerful yet gentle Reiki energy is a great and profound experience!

Participation requirement

No or the desire to try something new and open to the energy transmission through me.