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Contributions around the LUST TO LIVE

Here you will find very different contributions on very different topics that intuitively fall in front of my feet. I am happy if you find inspirations, innovations, ideas, individual as well as answers and impulses. You will notice: I like to write – that’s probably a leftover from my “first life” as a journalist … 😉

1. January 2022

You are a sorceress

The magic of new beginnings “Happy New Year … … to you,” is probably the most frequently uttered phrase in January 2022. When it is spoken […]
30. November 2021

Finding the beginning in the end

End & beginning are inseparable December as a time of transition This time last year, 2020, I was in the middle of it: I had decided […]
9. November 2021

The thing with the index finger

Separation or connection? … or: Why sweeping behind your own door makes sense “It’s not the virus that divides us, but the measures and the opinions” […]
28. October 2021

November Blues or November Joy?

Are living & dying actually one? Thoughts on dying, death, life, freedom and connectedness November is a difficult month for many people. Not only is it […]
1. October 2021

How it works with the fullness …

The golden October What is the gold in your life? Im Nebel ruhet noch die Welt, noch träumen Wald und Wiesen; bald siehst du, wenn der […]
30. August 2021

The key to life is in balance

The happiness between poles Seeking and finding coherence “Der, der das Gleichgewicht hält jenseits des Wechsels von Liebe und Hass,jenseits von Gewinn und Verlust, von Ehre […]
28. July 2021

How connectedness liberates

Meditation & mediality are not witchcraft Cooperation with the spirit world is possible You’ve probably experienced this too: You have a feeling in your gut. For […]
27. June 2021

Intuition comes back into fashion

Trust your inner voice The sixth sense can be trained There is this inner voice. This gut feeling or heart feeling. This emotional knowing that something […]