Eine Reise ist ein Trunk aus der Quelle des Lebens.

Christian Friedrick Hebbel

Travel & Retreat

Reiki, enjoy peace, freedom & connection

Working on oneself can be done with joy and ease – with an inner and outer smile. Especially when two soul sisters meet in a healing and high vibrational space, and know that the result of their meeting will be great.

A gentle and meaningful transformation, which is connected with impulses for all senses, strengthens the healing effect of Reiki on body, mind and soul. I would like to make this experienceable for people and especially for women as well as my Reiki-colleagues who want to develop spiritually.

For YOU, your new lightness and deeply felt joy of life, I offer very special spiritual time-outs, journeys and retreats to different, but always quite extraordinary places of power on our sunny island.

You can also simply visit me in my adopted country Cyprus to combine a vacation with intensive Reiki coaching, Reiki training or even professional development as well as unforgettable spiritual experiences individually designed for you.

Circle of Life

Women-ritual-journey to and with the elements

An intensive inner and outer journey for women who are working on the “big change” as well as on personal and collective healing and who want to get in touch with themselves, their original being and with Mother Earth.

In a small group we devote ourselves mindfully and deeply to the elements from which all living things originate and consist: the earth, the air, the water, the fire and the ether (also: primordial substance, world soul, universe, Olympus, beyond).

Each day is dedicated to one element and each day takes us to a very special place of power that we have personally chosen for you. The island of Aphrodite is not only known for its extraordinary light – I also find its basic energy to be very high vibrational. It also supports the engagement in deep inner processes, through which I accompany you with all my experience.

My wish is that at the end of this journey you can say: “I feel the connectedness with life. And I feel the freedom that comes through it. I am water! I am earth! I am air! I am fire! I am ether! I am I!” …

Your soul time

Your Retreat for Peace, Freedom, Joy & Abundance

For one day it’s all about you and your soul path: We look and feel what wants to show itself, what wants to be seen and worked on, so that you can calmly and fully come into harmony with yourself, your life and your soul mission.

Tailored to you and your needs, I choose from my wealth of experience exactly those methods that bring you in a mindful and gentle, but also deeply effective and effective way into your essence. To the place within you where everything is possible and true change takes place. Transformation of the subtle kind.

Change Week

Gentle Transformation & Restorative Recovery at Aphrodite’s Beach

For an intensive week we dedicate ourselves to this transformational work together in a small group of like-minded people in a very relaxed way. Light-hearted, light-footed and smiling, we succeed in this in the warm, cordial ambience of the Aphrodite Beach Hotel, located directly on the Cypriot Mediterranean beach.

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