Der Mensch, der den Berg versetzte, war derselbe, der damit begann, kleine Steine weg zu tragen.”

chin. Sprichwort

Video-Call with energy transmission

Visible, tangible and deeply effective

By now, most people have become accustomed to this way of communication. I have appreciated it for a long time, because the cooperation with my clients and students works out excellently and offers many advantages.

  • You can understand and change your physical, mental and emotional symptoms at the root cause level.
  • You are together with me in a protected space in which we can initiate a healing process.
  • Our conversation helps you to understand what you can do or not do in order to come into a holistic healing.
  • The energy transfer supports and strengthens the healing process.
  • You can watch me doing what I do if you want to.
  • And you can stay at home.

My area of expertise is the soul dimension. This means that our focus, even during Reiki-Coaching via video, is on what your soul wants to communicate about a physical or emotional symptom. I will perceive and communicate this to you through the energetic connection I have with you. Using these messages, hints and tips, we will work out a deep, lasting and comprehensive solution for you.

For people who have not yet had contact with Reiki, it may be harder to imagine that during this remote contact not only words, but also energies can flow and blockages can be released. Believe me – it works!

The best thing is to try out this very effective spiritual development support via video. It takes place in your familiar and safe environment and you do not have to wait long for a treatment appointment or come personally to the practice…

Here you can find some feedbacks about it …


  • You send me via the contact form or by mail a short information about what you need a Reiki video or “healing”. Ideally, you make me in this message also immediately a date proposal or tell me your possible days and times.
  • If I think that we can work well together in this way, I will contact you with appointment suggestions.
  • Before our agreed appointment, I will send you a link to my “video room” where we will meet at the specified time and get started.
  • In the following 90 minutes we will be in contact verbally, energetically and through the eyes. Together we look at your problem and work out solutions that are helpful and healing on the physical, mental and spiritual level.
  • In many cases it is appropriate to do several Reiki videos – this depends on the severity and depth of your issue. We clarify this intuitively and together in each case.

You should know

  • A Reiki video is always as short as possible and as long as necessary. As a rule, we need 90 minutes. I will charge you for the actual time spent.
  • If you are working with me for the first time, I will send you a treatment contract before our appointment, which you please read at your leisure and then briefly confirm it to me by mail.
  • You may transfer the corresponding amount after the Reiki Remote. I will also be happy to send you an invoice if you wish.

Discounted packages

The Reiki video, i.e. the Reiki coaching via video transmission, is a deeply effective developmental support that has arisen from my many years of experience and is individually tailored to you.

You can book single sessions as well as packages, as in many cases it is helpful to do several Reiki coaching sessions in a row – the number as well as the rhythm depends on the complexity of your issue.

Special rates apply for my Reiki students, please contact me for details.