“Wie will man denn beweisen, dass es Wunder sind?”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Personal voices are the best advertising

Here I have created a chronological collection where you can read texts that reached me from course participants and clients.

We start with the latest …

Among other things, Martina was present at the last Women’s Ritual Journey, where we also did various meditations. She writes about this:

“I have always experienced the meditations with Sabine as very intense, they have often been the keys to the next door.”

Manuela Weyerhäuser participated in the Channeling-Training 2021 and writes:

Dear Sabine, when I read about your offer of channeling training on your homepage last year, it was immediately clear to me that I would sign up for this. And until today I can say, it was a good and right decision! My point was not to get in touch with the spiritual world myself. The point was that I received a visit from the spiritual world and I did not know how to deal with it. At first I found it a bit scary and had my doubts. However, the “fear” of the uncanny quickly subsided or even changed. In the meantime I find it nice when the spiritual world knocks and wants to get in contact with me. I became much more sensitive to these contacts, whether at home or, for example, during a walk in the woods. On the other hand, I have also made contact with the spiritual world from time to time, it is a nice feeling in this connectedness and is now part of daily life. Through the various exercises / techniques on different days of the week and times of day and the great group I can only marvel at how many experiences and insights we were allowed to gain and how great we have all developed, wonderful!

Sincere thanks to you and the whole group. Namasté – Manu

Marietta Singer participated in the Channeling-Training 2021 and writes:

Dear Sabine, I had little relation to the term channeling and the rather negative connotations. But the announcement of the channeling training had made me curious and since I thought, “I perceive nothing anyway”, such a training could not hurt. I am very happy to have chosen this course and I would do it again at any time.
I was able to learn to trust in myself and that I do perceive something. I have managed (almost, sometimes more, sometimes less ;-)) to detach myself from comparing myself with others and to be grateful for what I am and have in me. I consider this a great gift that accompanies me every day. I only come into direct contact with the spiritual world irregularly, but since your training I feel more “protected and supported” in everyday life and in difficult times than ever before. I thank you very much for your offers and your company.

Best wishes, Marietta

Christine Denzel writes in November 21 on Channeling-Training:

Dear Sabine, I was skeptical, full of doubt, because with channeling I have made many years ago somewhat unpleasant experiences. But the fact that we are working with you and with Reiki made me curious …
The basic technique is simple and can be wonderfully integrated into everyday Reiki life. I especially liked the different topics we worked with. So we could always be amazed that it works and exchange ideas in our great group. In the meantime, channeling has become an integral part of my work in Reiki practice and I am still amazed at the fruitful cooperation with the spiritual world. I hope our course will go into the second round with more in-depth exercises. I would not want to miss this work in any case more!

Christine Denzel – www.christine-denzel.de

Gabi Hase wanted to make her practice more successful and booked my Spiritual Business-Coaching. She writes about it:

Dear Sabine! Thank you very much for the good cooperation during my business coaching with you. You accompanied me with a lot of heart and professional competence. Thank you for your empathic preparation. Best regards, Gabi

Holistic Women’s Health Practice, www.gabi-hase.de

Birgit Sehrer wrote to me in August 21 about my new Book:

“Dear Sabine, just finished reading your book…. well, started yesterday, finished today… I was and still am enchanted by this beautiful book…. much reminds me of myself and shows me that I am not alone with my love for Reiki and exactly that makes me incredibly happy. Thank you so much for writing this book with all these wonderful stories.🙏☀ ” – Birgit Sehrer, www.reiki-erfahren.de

Stefanie is a young mother and now pregnant for the third time. She wrote me the following SMS:

“Good morning dear Sabine. My belly dwarf unfortunately turned into pelvic end position at 36 weeks of pregnancy and this is of course a problem. The question is why she does it so late, although she was in cranial position the whole time. How can I possibly get her to turn again with Reiki and your help? Love, Stefanie”

And a day as well as a Reiki-Remote later:

“Good morning dear Sabine… I just came from the doctor and I have to say that my mouse has turned the right way around again. Yoo-hoo, I am so happy! I could hug the whole world…. thank you so much and best regards”

A quick note from me about this: During this Reiki-Remote I made direct contact with the baby in the belly and asked what was going on? There were very clear statements, in which the meaning was that the little one wanted to tell her mother that she was in the process of losing the connection to herself and to her due to her fear, which stemmed from a previous trauma, and that they could change this together in order to come back to trust, which is the prerequisite for a successful (home) birth. To be honest, I was a bit surprised myself that she just turned back into the cranial position so quickly, overnight so to speak. How wonderful-so wonderful! And how wonderful that I get to do this work. I am very grateful.

Eila Witt took my Spiritual Business-Mentoring to start her practice and writes about it:

“Thank you, dear Sabine, for a business coaching of a different kind. Exactly as I needed it, at exactly the time that was and is right for it. Full of trust in life, the universe, love and in me 😊 Thank you for this great experience and support 🙏🏻 and in addition highly professional 😉 and down to earth! 👍” – Eila Witt, www.eila.one

Petra Röhll has already read our Book “Ein Leben mit Reiki” published in January and writes to me by mail:

“Dear Sabine, I just ‘devoured’ the Reiki book, couldn’t stop again and was sad when it was over. Hach, the immersion in Reiki is so magical. The stories of your Reiki students, their paths and experiences, made me realize again what a gift we have in our hands. Touching people with words & hands is what I love. As a physical therapist who works simultaneously with Reiki, craniosacral and manual therapy, I always have the gift in my hands! Thank you for the wonderful book and of course thank you to those who have now made their experiences with Reiki public ! The light 💡 must be carried forward … Very dear greetings from Oldenburg from Petra Röhll.”

Conny Nolzen was very enthusiastic about our Book “Ein Leben mit Reiki” and wrote to me via Messenger:

“Hi there Sabine. Congratulations on your book. I treated myself to it and am so thrilled. I learned so much! Also that it is so important to have practice meetings. Unfortunately, we don’t have that. Thank you so much for the great book. Stay healthy. Love Conny”.

Christine Denzel has read the Book “Ein Leben mit Reiki” and writes on Facebook:

“Reading it makes you feel like you’re at the big Reiki meetings…. You resonate so much with the Reiki stories and find yourself in many places. Anyone who has lived and worked with Reiki for a while knows that it is a path and not just a technique. I have to force myself to stop reading in between – it is really beautiful”! Christine Denzel – www.christine-denzel.de

Eila Witt also writes about the Book “Ein Leben mit Reiki”:

“Thank you, Sabine, for this lovingly crafted book! I could not stop reading and fell asleep with the WONDERFUL stories in it 😊 … It turned out GREAT! Love, Eila” – www.eila.one

Sanja writes about the Online offer Reiki-Video:

“Everything is spirit. We are all connected with each other. I was able to feel this once more during our Reiki-Zoom-session. Thank you very much, dear Sabine, for these wonderful insights! It was almost as if I had sat opposite you in your practice. Almost – because I felt it digitally even more intense and cleansing than usual. And of course you were once again able to show the way out of a seemingly hopeless situation. Lightful, gentle and strong at the same time. We will surely “zoom” again soon. Namasté! Very dear greetings, Sanja”

Uta writes about the offer Spiriway – spiritual-individual transformational accompaniment:

“Especially for me, this long-distance Reiki transmission has a very special meaning, since many kilometers separate me from Sabine. I have been booking her offer of Reiki transformation for over a year. I feel everything as if I were on the treatment couch with Sabine in Wiesbaden. This Reiki transformation of Sabine works at any distance, near or even far. I feel exactly the intense energy – without ifs and buts. It is for me every time a – gigantic experience – to feel this great feeling from a distance and what develops each time with me during and after our phone call – promptly – into the positive. Just wow…. wow…. Sabine is always at my side as my guardian angel, so to speak. The Reiki transformation overcomes all boundaries and distances. Thank you, thank you, my dear master 🙏”

Barbara participated in the Meditation year group for Reiki Masters. She writes:

“Dear Sabine, today I would like to thank you for your new online offers. Already the earlier formats (online moon meditations at full moon and new moon) have always enriched me and accompanied me a bit on my path. With a little practice with the technical finesse 😉 I enjoy it now very much in direct contact with you and the group to be able to exchange. So it comes to even better opportunities for further development. Every time a great enrichment. Best regards, Yours Barbara”

Ute writes about the Online-Offers and especially about the Reiki-Phone:

“Dear Sabine, I am very happy to have met you during the time in Wiesbaden! I was looking for LIFE, LOVE, LAUGHING and found it with you. We both know: This cannot be a coincidence. I think it’s great how we are so close to each other even with the physical distance and how this is possible through Reiki and can be supported by modern media. I hug you and send you ♥️ly regards, Ute”.

Petra has already taken part in various offers and is particularly enthusiastic about the Online-Offers:

“Dear Sabine, when the path led me to your practice in 2018, I was not yet aware of the fantastic development my life would take with Reiki. Since my initiation, Reiki accompanies me every day. In addition to the training in degree 1 and 2, Reiki coaching sessions and the Reiki retreat, I have also been convinced by Reiki-Phone, the Zoom meditation group for beginners and Reiki-Remote. I am thrilled how intense and effective Reiki treatments can be via “net” and remote. Body, mind and soul are addressed and healed in the same way as in personal contact. Thank you very much, dear Sabine, for your versatile offers of support and personal development. Kind regards, Petra”

Claudia completed the Basic course in Intuitive Reiki in February 2020 and writes:

“Dear Sabine, a very warm thank you for the wonderful weekend. You really have an incredibly empathetic, sympathetic and personal way, so that people feel comfortable in your proximity and your environment. I feel the past weekend was a great gift because of the people I was able to spend time with as well as the many impulses I was able to take with me. There were so many moments of discovery, of being surprised, … the memories of them seem to me like a box full of beautiful gems.  Today already started with a nice surprise. My new book climbed up a lot of places on Amazon. Just like that. Without hamster wheel work. Letting go. I have to practice. I will manage. Thanks to your wonderful impulses. Many, many thanks for that. Very best regards, Claudia Hupprich“.

Tanja completed her Reiki Master training in December 2019, as well as participated in several other events, and also regularly uses the Reiki-Phone for herself. She writes:

“Dear Sabine, I am very happy that Reiki led me to you and that I was able to do my 2nd degree and my Reiki Master with you. You are just super in what you do and I could learn a lot with and from you. I also love our conversations via Reiki-Phone and I am amazed every time what can be solved through that. The Reiki retreat in February 2019 as well as 2020 at Sampurna in Bärstadt was great and full of energy. Especially from this year I could take away many insights for me. I am also looking forward to our further exchange in the meditation year group for Reiki Masters. Thank you for existing. Best regards, Tanja Brummer – TB Kosmetik

Tina participated in the Advanced Course in Intuitive Reiki in 2019, as well as the degree-specific workshops. She writes:

“I wanted to tell you that I look back on my year with gratitude, even though it was a great challenge for me personally and I am still working on the loss of the loved one. But through the work with Reiki and your “accompaniment” I have found a way and I notice more and more that my fellow human beings (my precious people to me) somehow also experience something of this and I somehow also feel how I can give something there. Dear Sabine, thank you for letting me be your student and thank you for letting me have nice encounters with other Reikians. I look forward to seeing you again in the new year!”

Marion Greverath participated in the Training “Intuitive Reiki Coaching” and writes by mail:

“For this seminar Reiki Coaching I traveled from Brandenburg, a trip that was worth it. I know the work with Sabine and therefore know that I am well guided there and can learn a lot. We were a women power round, four women and Sabine. Over two days we were able to learn and practice a lot, always in lively dialogue. The cooperation with the other women enriched me and I was also able to learn a lot from them. Sabine led us safely and professionally. The whole seminar was a great enrichment for me. I have grown a lot in my spiritual development. Now I will include the Reiki Coaching in my work. Kind regards, Marion Greverath – Reiki Relaxation Practice in Glienicke”.

Sonja Knecht also participated in the Training Intuitive Reiki-Coaching and writes on facebook:

“🌈❤️🌟 I was there … it was incredible what all happened! Thank you 🙏 Sabine, thank you 🙏 to the other masters. Thank you 🙏 to the spiritual world that I was allowed to experience this! 🌟🌟 Your Sonja”

Sanja Zec was also at the Training Intuitive Reiki Coaching and writes on facebook:

“Thank you very much, Sabine, for opening the space for us to experience the wonderful possibilities of Reiki. I am deeply touched. ❤️ Namaste, Sanja 🙏”

Sabine Hörner made several Reiki-Phone and then also the Basic course as well as Advanced course in Intuitive Reiki – she writes:

“I am very grateful for your work and for your being. For your way of thinking things are possible and providing the necessary space for them. It has become a matter of my heart to work with Reiki. It opened so many doors for me last year, so I have great respect for this year, because I don’t know how this will get any bigger. That’s why my dear, I would like to have a conversation with you sometime, specifically to make a phone appointment with you…”

Manuela Weyerhäuser visited me in the practice for a Reiki-Coaching and writes:

“Dear Sabine, you wanted feedback from me, that comes now, and full broadside 😉 … I do not need to tell you how much good you have done me, I think you know that yourself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For me it was exactly the liberating blow that I had hoped for. It hurt so much and at the same time it was so good. Even when I started driving with you, I noticed that this fear and panic: “what if …” was no longer there when I was driving. And as soon as I look in the mirror, I see my shining Reiki eyes – no way! Immediately I get a smile on my face, think of you and our meeting, and rejoice. I feel really good about my “new” life. I make sure that I no longer put myself in the back of the queue (healthy egoism) and can say for myself: “Welcome, back to life, which I now want to enjoy to the fullest”! The beginning for this we have both made together. I can’t wait to do my first degree and enter even more into the world of Reiki. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the great afternoon last week. Now I wish you all the best and a happy new year! Very best regards – Manuela :-*”

Pamela Stelzer has done both Reiki-Training and Reiki-Coaching with me and writes:

“Dear Sabine, I just have to write to you! I wanted to say thank you for bringing me back to life like this! I really appreciate your help through Reiki and especially your way of being and dealing with me. You have helped me a lot and with that my family as well. It is important to me that you know that! The work you do, on a human level, is so valuable! It has helped me to know that you are always there for me and that you always objectively tell me your views on certain issues. But most of all, that my personal development was and is possible in the process. You don’t restrict me and are always open, even if you see it differently for yourself. Thank you for all this! I really appreciate that you are happy when one starts to become independent through and with Reiki! You are my absolute teacher in that regard! Thank you! I’m doing really well right now, even if it’s jerky at times, because I’ve learned from you to deal with the inconveniences on the whole. Thanks again! Enough now. I wish you a nice time! Until the next practice evening! Yours Pam, www.pams-reiki.de

Sina Pürner has completed the Complete Training up to Reiki Master with me and writes:

“Sabine is a loving Reiki master and teacher. She shows lightful, warm and also from full conviction and with much love, the possibilities to deal with the current life situations and let them heal themselves in peace. She is a very loving and very inspiring person for me, I was allowed to learn from her (the best Reiki Master for me) to my Reiki Master from her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything I was able to learn and experience from you! And I am happy to have you in my life! Namasté Sina, Sipuba Life Path Guidance“.

Stefan Kanev, Bulgarian Reiki Master and Teacher, is a regular participant in the Full Moon Meditations and writes:

“There are people you meet and it seems to you that you have always known them. I do not need to think, since when I know you, dear Sabine. It is much more important that we met again in this life! Despite the distance, thanks to the online meditation conducted by you, we have our monthly meeting – at the full moon, under the stars…. Thank you so much for that!!! The space you create for this meditation allows me to have great experiences and come to different realizations, all the while feeling your presence and support. You (the moon) and I, silence, without words, longing, harmony, glory. You – the Moon, and I – one of the innumerable, whom You look into the eyes.”

Stefan is also the organizer of the Bulgarian Reiki Convention in Samokov as well as one of my partners in the Reiki Journeys.

Doris Weber, Reiki master and teacher in Berlin, booked a telephone business coaching for practice founders with me and writes:

“Thank you very much, dear Sabine!!!! Our conversation yesterday centered me well again and I am practicing the lightness of being. Telephone coaching is a great thing that I can only recommend. Kind regards, Doris (www.reiki-frohnau.com)”

Gaby Bertsch completed the first and second Reiki degree with me and writes:

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you today. You are for me the one who with her wonderful way – down to earth – tied up – competence – sensitivity – has a hearty real laugh – is a good teacher and always brings new inspiration – has brought me quite wonderfully on my way. Through your empathy I also always admire your serenity and how you pick up each individual where they are in their life. THANK YOU, dear Sabine.”

Pamela Stelzer has done both Reiki-Coaching and Reiki-Training with me. She writes:

“Sabine has become one of the most important people in my life! She knows how to use Reiki and her humanity in a very professional way to give support and help people to help themselves! Sabine has managed to teach me Reiki for my own healing! I am very grateful to her, also for the support on my master path, which she always supports and facilitates! Sabine and Reiki have given my life a whole new meaning and way of living! Thank you so much for this.”

Frank Glatzer, founder of the Reiki-Do-Institut Norddeutschland and organizer of the Reiki-Mööt writes:

“Here you are received and treated super nice and competent. A very nice, friendly and competent colleague. Frank Glatzer

Maike has done both Reiki-Coaching and Reiki-Training with me. She writes:

“Light, love and lightness I felt with you, darkness became light, sadness turned into love and burdens of life experienced lightness. Thank you, Maike Wübbena

Carola Lachmann has done several Reiki-Coaching sessions with me. She writes:

“Warm, competent and nurturing treatments. Thank you very much! Highly recommended!”

Ka Hau has done both Reiki & Coaching and Reiki-Trainings with me. She writes on facebook:

“A treatment by Sabine strengthens on all levels. With her you are in competent, loving and light-filled hands. Her company has helped me through many a dark hour. Absolutely recommendable!”

After a Reiki-Phone the following mail from Sabine reached me:

“Dear Sabine, thank you so much!!! I was very touched by you and quite blissful. Namaste. Incredibly, I was also so taken by the lightness that accompanied this conversation. Is it always like this? I immediately thought of so many more topics. In my heart it always felt very light, warm and peaceful. I became very tired and relaxed, so that I almost fell asleep after our telephone conversation. Hm, now I will take everything with me into the night and reflect a bit more. From the depth of my heart I send you light and love. Love from Sabine H. from the Rhön.”

After a Reiki Advanced course the following mail came from Monika:

“Dear Sabine, Reiki has changed my life and is currently doing so. I am so so glad that my path has led me to you and back to Reiki! I notice how I use it more and more naturally in my everyday life. It helps me a lot to stay more and more with myself. And that also in such situations, in which I managed this before only with great difficulty or not at all. For example, in a family conflict situation I managed not to take sides, not to feel responsible for one or the other or for the “good mood” and I thought about whether I could do something to support the situation without trying to manipulate or control. So I decided to take good care of myself for now and connected with Reiki. The experience with it was quite wonderful! It went completely different than I could have imagined somehow…. Again, many, many thanks for your support and loving guidance, dear Sabine! I am already looking forward to our reunion in the new year. I am curious how it will continue and I am so happy! I hug you and send warm greetings, Monika.” (Monika Hardt, Wiesbaden)

After the first Online Full moon meditation on 21.05.2016 I received a lot of positive feedback – here are some of them:

“Wow, I thought it was great! Even just dealing with the questions was good and I felt the energy clearly. Light, cleansing and peaceful is how I would describe it. And in the middle of it I thought: ‘Oh, Sabine is there too and energy was flowing’. Great! Thank you!” (N. Schneider, Wiesbaden)

“The connection was very good for me and it was very relaxing with you guys. Thank you.” (F. Krämer-Nauheimer, Lörzweiler)

“I felt the energy very clearly and I relaxed a lot. It became very bright and light. And I have a beautiful peace inside me now. Namaste and thank you.” (Silke Hambuch, Eltville)

“It was a beautiful experience to go into the energy together with you.” (Erika H.-N., Schornsheim) 

“I thought it was great! Right from the beginning I felt the connection with you guys and the energy. Thank you all so much and I am already looking forward to the next time.” (Kathrin Lappe, Wiesbaden)

I was very happy about this feedback from Liane, because the monthly mail of possibilities already makes quite a lot of work …

“I would like to thank you for the many beautiful possibility emails you send us month after month. I like them very much, especially your excursions into the customs, traditions and rituals of old times. From you I also heard for the first time about the Rauhnächten. Now the special feeling in these days has also got a name 🙂 …”


After an Advanced course in Intuitive Reiki, I received the following mail from Stefanie:

“Dear Sabine. I found the Reiki-2 quite great and am thrilled how sensitive I can now feel and perceive my Reiki energy and give! I am excited where this path still leads me! You really did a great job and I’m glad I found you as my Reiki Master. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful 2016! I am already looking forward to our follow-up meeting in January. Very best regards Steffi.” (Stefanie Weyrauch, Wiesbaden)

After an intensive Reiki-Coaching the following mail from Pamela reached me:

“Hello Sabine, so where do I start? First of all, I want to thank you for your quick help! On Tuesday I was still very upset, my head almost burst and my eyes were all swollen from crying. But no matter – the result of your session with me and my ‘inner child’ was and still is awesome! I see much clearer now, am no longer down, tackle things, have also addressed everything quite openly and can communicate if I don’t want something. Interestingly enough, I got a job offer directly on Tuesday evening – I’ll go and work a day’s trial. But I have a very clear idea of what I will accept and what I will not. If it does not suit me then I say NO! So again, many thanks to you and your ability to give people like me in great need of such help! You are something very special! Best wishes and a wonderful Advent season to you Pamela.” (Pamela Stelzer, Rheingau)

Practice meeting as well as the Training in the second Reiki degree, I received the following mail from Sina:

“Dear Sabine. For me, the exercise evening was super exciting, I enjoyed it very much and it has given me strength! It was very great to be able to exchange and I am very excited about the next practice meeting!  Thank you so much for your great support, your open ear and your skills! I think it is so great how you teach Reiki and how you handle it and take me (your student) “by the hand” and pass on your great skills and how open you are for everything new! Thank you so much!  I wish you a great week, see you soon, many love greetings from the Swabian Alb! Namasté Sina.” (Sina Pürner, Westhausen)

After a Reiki-Coaching session specifically for pregnant first-time mothers, this feedback landed in my mail:

“Hello dear Sabine. I am doing really great!!! Our meeting was tooootal relieving & liberating for me!!! It did me really really suuuuper good and in the afternoon my baby bump was also gaaaanz soft!!! I noticed that right away :-)) …  Gaaaanz dear thanks again for it!!! Loving greetings from Daniela.” (Daniela K., Mainz)

After a Basic course in Intuitive Reiki this mail from Myriam reached me:

“Dear Sabine, thank you very much for this great and intensive weekend experience! Have already dutifully done my homework today. And felt great. Slept like a bear (again) and am relaxed and very positive. By the way I have a herpes labialis and a cold… was already fermenting in me when I came – homeopathic first worsening???? Thank you very much for the experience you made – you are indeed wonderful ;-). Kindest regards from Myriam.” (Myriam Schneider, Wiesbaden)

This very gratifying feedback on a Reiki-Coaching came to me by mail:

“Dear Sabine, I was with you last Saturday and the best friend a person can have made it possible for me to have a treatment with you. You said after the treatment that I could contact you if there were any problems. Well, I hope it is okay if I contact you to tell you that there is no sign of problems at the moment. I feel better than I have in a very, very long time. Above all, my inner doubters and critics are completely silent at the moment. This brings a certain lightness and cheerfulness into my life, which I’m sure was there before, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember it. The realization of why I broke down in August 2011 is changing everything in me right now. I am working on an aroma energy massage to offer in our practice. I am meditating again and paying attention to the little signs the spiritual world is giving me. Since Saturday, I have not wondered or worried my head about what someone else thinks about me or how they see me. There is a pleasant calm within me. I am very grateful that I was allowed to meet a wonderful person like you and I wish very much that we will meet again one day. From the bottom of my heart I send you my best wishes for you and your life!” (Tanja Otto, Daun)

This feedback was published as a blog post – a great compliment:

Stefanie Weyrauch is a children’s yoga teacher as well as a vinyasa yoga teacher and has been writing her own blog for several years. For a while she also wanted to be trained in Reiki. In the summer of 2014, the time had come – she came to a Reiki basic course. She writes about her experience here, among other things: 

“This summer was now the right time for my Reiki-Initiation. The decisive factor was that I found the right free Reiki Master for me in Sabine Hochmuth. This February, together with Simone Hahn, she opened the Essentia School for the Arts of Healing and Living in beautiful Eltville. Exactly in these great premises I could learn intuitive Reiki in a trusting atmosphere in a small group. Thank you very much for that!” (Stefanie Weyrauch, Wiesbaden)

And also this feedback, which reached me by mail, gives me great pleasure:

After a not so nice experience during her first birth, Karina came to me and we did a Reiki coaching for pregnant women. After her second birth she wrote to me:

“My little daughter Ava was born last Monday, healthy and happy. The birth ended again with a cesarean section (for exactly the same medical reasons as with the first child), but this time I had the feeling to determine everything myself and have – apart from the pain – only positive memories of it. So thanks again for the Reiki support, I’m sure it helped! Many greetings from Karina

I am also very happy about this feedback, which reached me by mail:

Katrin Korndörffer took part in a Reiki basic course for pregnant women in June 2013 before the birth of her son and writes:

“Concentrated competence paired with humor, lightness and a lot of positive energy – Sabine Hochmuth! So she quickly creates an atmosphere in which you feel accepted and secure and lets you start a wonderful and relaxing journey. Sabine has enabled my baby and me to experience unforgettable moments of deepest connection. With much joy I look back on a wonderful time, which was the starting signal for a change of direction in my life. Thank you, dear Sabine for your Intuitive Reiki for pregnant women!” (Katrin Korndörffer, Wiesbaden)

And this feedback reached me via facebook:

Following a very personal phone call after a Reiki-Coaching with Gabriele Köhler-Gräf, I found this entry on facebook:

“When professionalism personalizes with heart and Reiki, then you are in front of Sabine Hochmuth.” (Gabriele Köhler-Gräf, Wiesbaden)

The following feedback reached me by phone (on the answering machine):

Rachel Remmele, who was doing Reiki-Coaching with me due to pregnancy-related nausea, left the following message on my answering machine:

“Yeah, I have to say I could shower you with roses and kisses because I’m feeling much, much better. We’ve been working really, really well together: I’d say I’m 80 percent better and quite often the nausea is just completely gone. Super! So really, really great! Thank you very much.” (Rachel Remmele, Wiesbaden)

The following feedback reached me by mail:

Gudrun Kirschnick, participant in the Basic course Intuitive Reiki, which took place on 14 + 15.12.2013, writes:

“I am very touched – in the truest sense – by the last weekend with and with you! You have opened a door to Reiki for me. I want to say ‘thank you’ for that!!! What I especially appreciated is the fact that you brought the whole thing across completely without ‘dogmas’. That you conveyed everything as an offer, as possibilities. Without the sometimes usual: ‘There is only this one truth and it goes also only on this one way’. That is something I do not like at all. But I like to learn from people like you, because you tell about ‘your right’ and convey that without a raised forefinger.” (Gudrun Kirschnick, Mainz)

Thank you!

I welcome feedback of any kind. Please write to me.

With hand and heart for joy and fullness in everyday life …