“Geliebt zu werden macht uns stark. Zu lieben macht uns mutig.”


My offers are your possibilities

I am pleased to present you with a brief overview of my offers. You can find more information under the respective menu item.

All these “aids to self-help” serve to support a holistic harmonisation and healing process. This applies to physical, mental and spiritual symptoms.

Our common goal is your freedom through connectedness – both in your private and professional life. I will be happy to advise you individually!

Learn Intuitive Reiki

Uncomplicated & Exceptional Training and Continuing Education Courses

Since 2006 I have had the teaching licence for laying on of hands with Reiki. Over the years I developed my own method and have since trained many people in it.

My Intuitive Reiki emphasises freedom and intuition in the application as well as the (further) development of your inner and outer personality. Because my concern is that you find and walk your very own path with regard to your smiling life and fulfilled work.

The trainings range from the basic course (the first degree) to the individual master and teacher training (the third and fourth degree). In addition, I offer workshops and further trainings on specific topics and degrees, which serve both beginners and professionals to further develop their knowledge and skills. For your life in freedom and connection!

Reiki Coaching: Simple – Effective – Honest

Spiritual personality development that goes to the root cause

In Reiki Coaching we look at your current life situation individually, find the core of the problem and solve your symptoms at the root cause level. In this way a deep and lasting change becomes possible.

Your issues can be of a physical nature or relate to challenges in your private or professional life. And we can work together both online and offline.

An impressively deep and effective work that really takes you further and towards your smiling life!

Further training for Reiki professionals

Further development for head and heart

Lifelong learning – a wonderful idea for me. I like to develop myself and my business. And you?

Here you will find further training courses specially developed for Reikians who work professionally and perhaps would like to conquer a new field of business. I will pass on to you both my well-founded theoretical knowledge and all my years of experience in these areas.

For entrepreneurs

Spiritual business mentoring for more meaning and soul in your working life

I pass on my decades of experience as a spiritual entrepreneur to you in individual consultations and further training – with me, there is nothing off the peg … 😉

  • If you are in a phase of professional change,
  • you realise that it’s time to start something new or to move
  • want to change from being an employee to being self-employed – or
  • want to set up your own business with a purpose and soul or lead it to success,
  • then you’ve come to the right place.

I look forward to accompanying you in your development towards a free, fulfilled, self-determined and above all authentic professional life!

Journeys and Retreats with Sense and Soul

Spiritual group, individual and short journeys to magical places.

I have made the experience that special places of power can promote our spiritual development. Perhaps because it is easier there to connect with oneself, nature and the source of all being. Here you can draw strength, come to peace, feel what is really essential for you. We have found such spiritual places and take you on a journey to the essence …

On this website you will find journeys and retreats to magical places – and above all to the place within yourself where you find stillness and concentration, peace and freedom and your home …