Insights into my Practice

Be HEARTfully Welcome!

My workplace is a favorite place for me – also because I love my work.

I invite you to also feel at home with me. Feeling comfortable means trust – and so we have already made the first step for our successful cooperation.


Whenever possible we work in the garden of my house in the Cypriot mountains.

The powerful vibration of the sunny island, as well as the special atmosphere in the house and courtyard, the scent of the flowers, mandarin trees and herbs, and the protective canopy of our ancient olive tree naturally support you to relax and thus also to be able to fully engage in your healing process.

The state of inner silence and concentration can be easily found here…

Places of power support you

Sometimes we also go together to selected, very spiritual places, where it will be very easy for you to get in touch with yourself as well as “Mother Earth” and “Father Sky” – for example through a joint meditation at the seaside or a special ritual at a power place around the corner from us.

Here in my new adopted country I offer both Training-Courses and individual sessions, which you can combine wonderfully with a Vacation

And from here I work with much pleasure and success also online!

This happens both in the form of individual sessions by Phone and Video or Remote, i.e. as a remote energy transmission. I also offer education and training in my Intuitive Reiki online – I love this work with depth and joy and across borders …

Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more.

In Wiesbaden, Germany

The rooms I use when I am in Wiesbaden are located at Rheinstrasse 70, right in the middle of the Hessian capital. The central location has the advantage of short distances, e.g. to the main train station or also to hotels and restaurants.

As soon as you enter the shared practice, you will feel the peaceful and concentrated calm that comes from the healing energy work. Here, time stands still for a bit – this perceived deceleration provides a good basis for your relaxation, a conscious time-out for body, mind and soul, whether in a group or in individual sessions.