“Du findest keine Sicherheit, indem du dich einschließt.
Sicherheit gewinnt man, indem man sich öffnet.”

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My methods

A combination of traditional and modern healing knowledge

Based on my experience since 2001 in individual, couple and group activities, training groups and my own training, I developed my own treatment and training method that combines traditional and modern healing knowledge into a new whole. My Intuitive Reiki enables your “body-mind-spirit system” to fully utilize its regulatory mechanisms and self-healing powers through impulses that are specifically tailored to your life situation. In this respect, it can be used for all dysfunctions and accompanying any medical and therapeutic treatment.

Intuitive Reiki

Over the years and experiences I developed my own method of healing energy transmission. My Intuitive Reiki is a contemporary development of the traditional laying on of hands on the basis of Usui Shiki Ryoho and combines ancient and modern healing knowledge into a new whole.

Traditional experiential healing science combines with modern psychological methods. Intuitive Reiki is a developmental accompaniment that can be individually tailored to the needs of the client, enabling a sensitive, yet profound and sustainable clearing and tidying process within and without.

And it is an effective, uncomplicated, always and everywhere practicable, easy to learn and apply technique that supports adults, adolescents and children of all ages in all situations of life in the resolution of disease and conflict causing emotions and patterns.

By means of the ability to activate the Ki (Chi, life, bio-energy) and to pass it on according to the individual requirements of the recipient, the self-healing powers inherent in all of us can be promoted and thus the ‘body-mind-spirit system’ can be strengthened, revitalized, stabilized and harmonized in a natural way.

Intuitive Reiki works gently on all levels and supports all physical and psychological healing processes, e.g. musculoskeletal complaints, modern common diseases such as depression, anxiety disorders, burnout, etc. and can be used as a complement to all medical and psychotherapeutic therapies. It is also helpful during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as in terminal care. In addition, it serves the (spiritual) personality development. Animals and plants also benefit from this healing energy.

The special feature of Intuitive Reiki lies in the inner attitude of the Reiki giver. Because in my treatments as well as in the trainings I put special emphasis on the fact that we let ourselves be ‘guided’, that is, that we actually become a “hollow bamboo stick” (quote Usui) or a pure channel for the energy of life.

This means that we work purely intuitively and place our hands where they are directed, independent of predetermined hand positions and treatment sequences. In addition, we also learn and train to make ourselves completely ’empty’ and listen mindfully to the impulses that want to be carried out through us. This attitude of awareness is based on the principle “It is not I who heal, it heals through me”, which we hold throughout the duration of the Reiki applications.

Joy is our compass

Intuitive Reiki is used by me in Reiki-Coaching and the Online Offers for individual systemic-spiritual development support as well as taught in the Reiki-Trainings for the activation of the self-healing powers in self and external applications.

The mixture makes the difference!

On my life and professional path I encountered different approaches to thinking and acting, all of which in their own way flow into my treatments and trainings. In my studies of ethnology, for example, I got to know interdisciplinary thinking and working, and in my training as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy I learned in particular how to listen and see empathically. And my training and knowledge of the various methods of spiritual healing taught me in particular the knowledge of the meaningfulness of all events as well as the recognition of the inner connections. And again and again I came across the all-determining power of thoughts, the necessity of personal responsibility and the willingness to change.

Complex people demand complex methods

In order to do justice to you and your uniqueness, I combine my Intuitive Reiki with techniques of solution- and resource-oriented, transpersonal, systemic and spiritual psychotherapy, various elements of traditional spiritual healing as well as those from hypnotherapy, psychoneuroimmunology, fantasy and inner world journeys, ritual and visualization techniques (also from the shamanic tradition) and breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises, depending on your needs and situation. And there is always a pinch of heartfelt joy in what I do, loving humor as well as understanding compassion.

Wherever useful and helpful, I also complement our work with aspects from aromatherapy, color theory, language and brain research, neurolinguistic programming, philosophy, symbolism, ethnomedicine and ritual research, and anything else I can think of to support your healing path….

Strength – Harmony – Lightness

Through impulses specifically tailored to the respective life situation, we enable the individual “body-mind-spirit system” to fully utilize its regulatory mechanisms. The goal is the (re-)activation of the natural self-healing powers on all levels and the (re)gain of a very personal blend of comprehensive harmony, life intensity and meaningfulness.

From this harmony of body, mind and soul, as well as the feeling of connectedness with “God and the world”, a basic tone of joy arises, which allows you to draw from the fullness of your possibilities in everyday life. Thus you are finally able to follow your self-determined route powerfully and with ease as well as to shape your life actively and creatively on your own responsibility.

Reiki – what is that?

The Japanese term Rei-Ki can best be translated as mental, spiritual, soul life energy that permeates everything. The founder Mikao Usui (1865-1926) developed this method of laying on of hands at the beginning of the 20th century.

The basis is the Far Eastern philosophy that wherever energy flows without disturbance, there is a balance of forces, which is synonymous with health. This inner and outer harmony can be disturbed by various triggers. The resulting “blockages” or “interference fields”, which manifest themselves, for example, in pain or other physical or psychological symptoms, can be holistically resolved by means of Reiki.

Reiki has a regulating and beneficial effect on body, soul and spirit and activates the self-healing powers on all levels. It supports people in their personal development as well as in individual and professional development processes. Reiki also helps in the harmonious formation of relationship structures. It can be used just as effectively ‘only’ for relaxation, vitalization or personal well-being, as well as to optimize performance or to accompany medical treatments and therapies.

In addition, I add two texts published by ProReiki – der Berufsverband e.V., on the one hand their summary about Reiki and on the other hand some application examples.

Healing emptiness – be a “hollow bamboo stick” (quote Dr. Mikao Usui)

Variants of this form of energy transmission have been known in many cultures for thousands of years. Reiki was discovered, applied and taught by the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui at the beginning of the 19th century. Since then, its original teachings have evolved according to the respective lifestyles in different countries and cultures, so that a variety of teachings now exist in parallel. Today Reiki is successfully practiced all over the world by people with different personal world views, beliefs and religions.

A Reiki study

Research project on the effectiveness of Reiki

Professor Ignat Ignatov, multiple international award-winning head of the Institute of Medical Biophysics, has been researching various types of spiritual healing, which includes Reiki, for over 20 years and now has access to a very extensive database.

My participation in various scientific tests of the research project on the effectiveness of Reiki in 2010 and 2011 proved my above-average so-called “bio abilities”. Within the framework of the research experiments I treated, among other things, various water samples with the first, second as well as the Reiki Master degree. In addition, black-and-white as well as color Kirlian aura photographs were taken with a special camera developed by Professor Ignatov. More information about Kirlian photography can be found at Wikipedia (in English).

A detailed description of the scientific research would go beyond the scope of this article, so I will only present a part of the test series. You see in each case color Kirlian images of the right thumb, taken on 24.03.2011 in Gersfeld/Rhön.

Excerpts from the comprehensive certificate of Professor Ignatov 

  • All results – water spectral analysis and color Kirlian photography (see above) – indicate the highest level of effectiveness of biophysical energy. Also Sabine Hochmuth is able to control the flow of energy in “giving and Reiki mode”. This means that Sabine Hochmuth has abilities to treat the human body with medical effects.
  • The results of Sabine Hochmuth in color Kirlian photography show excellent abilities. They show that there is an “energy charge” in the client as well as in Sabine Hochmuth.

Feedback report from Sabine Hochmuth on the Reiki application

… in the context of the Reiki study in Gersfeld/Rhön on 24.03.2011 at about 16 clock:

In the follow-up conversation, the client (31) reported that it had been her “very first Reiki treatment, the first encounter with healing energy work at all”. She was especially positively surprised that she could “relax so well and deeply” during the Reiki treatment, because otherwise she could not do that so well.

She describes her experience with the following words: “I felt total relaxation – a lot of warmth – I could let my thoughts wander completely undisturbed – I was very far away – it felt like when the wind sweeps over the sea – I didn’t see any pictures, but I felt very comfortable, warm and secure”. Otherwise, she had rather difficulties with letting go, breastfeeding and empathizing with herself, which she had noticed especially during birth preparation (she has been a mother for a short time).

She was impressed by my perception of an “inner imbalance”, which can be described as follows: The left side of the body felt “weaker” overall before the treatment, figuratively speaking as if it hung down a bit compared to the right. The client confirmed this impression and supplemented it with the following perception of her own: When riding, she had recently always had the feeling that she was not sitting properly or was sitting crooked in the saddle. My perception that the left arm had been broken was also confirmed by the client. Likewise, she affirmed that she had not yet allowed the strength that I had sensed in her to fully unfold.

After the treatment, the client felt much more balanced, more in balance and in her center with regard to the above-mentioned “crooked state”. In addition, she felt a little cold, which in my experience is a phenomenon often observed after the healing energy work. Overall, the client felt comfortable, relaxed, in a good mood and interested – and would repeat such an experience at any time.

Brief info on the scientific study

(Text by Isabella Petri)

The research project, launched in 2008, aims to give Reiki a visible scientific foundation in public perception.

The aim is to present the effects of Reiki in the human energy system in a visualized and measurable form by means of new and academically recognized measuring methods, thus making them more comprehensible.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ignatov, these test methods were developed at the Institute of Medical Biophysics in Bulgaria in several years of research and successfully applied in thousands of applications under scientific conditions.

The essential content of the extensive research project is various series of investigations with Reiki practitioners. The scientific results thus obtained can serve as a basis for a well-founded acceptance and recognition of Reiki in the public, the health care system and in society worldwide.

Since the research project wants to be independent of sponsors, the participants share the costs incurred. Reiki practitioners of all degrees and directions can participate. Patron of this project is the association of the Reiki Alliance Germany. Project management by the Scientific Institute for Medical Biophysics under the direction of Dr. Ignat Ignatov; International awards including Koch Medal 2008 and Hahnemann Prize 2007. Organization, cooperation processing by the Seminar Center Isabella Petri.

For more information, please visit the homepage of the Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics of Dr. Ignatov in Sofia or Isabella Petri.

In the meantime, an interview with Dr. Ignatov and Angela Zellner, Chairwoman of the Board of ProReiki – der Berufsverband e.V., has also been published.

Further interesting studies and projects can also be found on the website of the professional association for Reiki practitioners ProReiki e.V., which I co-founded, or also at the Austrian Professional Association of Certified Reiki Therapists (ÖBRT)

Interesting facts

A source of strength for a lifetime

Healing energetics – also called “spirit healing” – is related to all our areas of life. Just as electric current brings a coffee machine and, as it were, a space station to life, life energy or bioenergy is the motor of all our life processes. It is the basis and the link of personal, professional and social processes – even if often still unconscious and therefore perhaps without direction.

The knowledge and handling of Ki – also known as Chi, vibration or biodynamic power – should be accessible to everyone. My experience in numerous training seminars led by me shows that every person can learn to use the freely available life energy for himself and his life as well as to pass it on to other living beings. In this way, each and every one of us can consciously and responsibly shape life (and the world).

In the course of my professional and experiential years, I developed my own method of treatment and training: my Intuitive Reiki.

Every person is a (small) universe

Every human being is a “total work of art” consisting of physical, mental, emotional, social, ecological and spiritual aspects. And like any other being, we are animated by a (creator) force. When all of these are in harmony, one is in balance – that is, healthy. Physical, mental and/or spiritual dysfunctions arise with the loss of inner harmony or the questioning of a previously balanced order. They are signs that the person lives in inner and outer tensions and/or conflicts.

Based on an extended psychosomatic model, I understand dysfunctions of all kinds as symptoms that can be seen and felt in the body, by means of which our soul communicates and gives us clues to their respective causes through their symbolism. Seen in this way, they are rather a help than a hurdle in the process of ‘healing’. 

Holistic health as the goal of our joint processing of conflict- and disease-causing emotions and patterns means the approach to an individual harmonious wholeness. Since it cannot be achieved without “becoming conscious”, and this in turn can seldom be done entirely on one’s own, I accompany people of all ages on their very personal path of insight and development – in the way they need at the respective moment.

This can be a Reiki-Coaching – see also Reiki-Online – and/or a Reiki education and training.

Spirit healing

The Key: Spiritual Healing is the Knowledge of Life Energy

In the meantime it is demonstrable and in many places also scientifically recognized that from our hands the natural life energy or bioenergy (the Ki or Chi) can flow, which has an analgesic, decramping, calming, clarifying, purifying and disease-preventing effect, releases blockades and fears as well as can promote composure, relaxation, balance, learning ability and joy of life.

It is important for me to emphasize in this context that I as a (spiritual) healer am by no means the one who “heals” you. My task is to make myself available as a channel for life energy. Therefore, the ability to make oneself “empty” or “still”, for example by training the mind through meditation, in order to thus receive the necessary information and impulses, are important prerequisites for this work.

In order to provide scientifically recognizable proof of the existence and effectiveness of Reiki, the first Germany-wide scientific study of Reiki took place (and continues to take place) in Gersfeld / Rhön, in which I participated. 

The goal: freedom and harmony for body, mind and soul

Our body is more than skin, bones and muscles. It is surrounded by subtle layers (aura) and traversed by energy pathways (meridians), which supply the entire organism with life or bio-energy. Disturbances in the flow of this “Ki” (Chi) also cause disturbances in life.

Energetic imbalances can manifest themselves in adults and children, for example, as tension or pain in the back, head, joints, muscles, and so on; as migraines, respiratory, circulatory, blood pressure, stomach or intestinal complaints; through tiredness, fatigue, listlessness, lack of concentration, nervousness, inner restlessness, sleep disorders or disturbing emotions such as anger, impatience, worry or anxiety, or also through difficulties in relationships in private or professional everyday life. Sometimes these also consolidate or solidify into more massive or chronic symptoms. 

Such symptoms of illness arise as a result of physically or mentally caused imbalances, through which the body-mind-spirit system gets into a disharmonious state – in other words: the harmonious (atomic) vibrations in the body get mixed up. If our overall system is brought back into order, (mental) blockages are released and thus the energy flow is restored, we feel more powerful, energetic, concentrated, light and confident. We can take our lives into our own hands again and also take responsibility for our social relationships.