„Der Raum ist dem Ort, was die Ewigkeit der Zeit ist.“

Joseph Joubert

United at heart …

Remote cooperation has become indispensable in today’s world. In recent years, I have also experienced that working together by telephone, video or remotely (remote energy transmission) is intensive and sustainable. It is a great experience that holds and brings some advantages!

My individual online offers are especially suitable for people,

  • who are sensitive and therefore have a hard time with group energies,
  • who cannot or do not want to come to my practice,
  • who would like to develop gently and in the protected space of their own home.

In the following, I will now introduce you to my online offers that take place in a one-on-one setting.


Spiriway: Spiritual Transformation

This spiritual accompaniment of several weeks is intended for people who are currently in a profound phase of upheaval and transformation, perhaps are in a crisis and do not quite know how to proceed. If you are at a point where orientation, decisions and conscious changes are needed, but perhaps doubts and fears are surfacing right now, then together we will seek and find possibilities for the next steps.

Personal Ritual Counseling for more inner peace

Rituals provide support and orientation and thus give us inner peace. They serve us especially in difficult times as good supporters to better deal with tension, uncertainty and fears. With their help, we can establish a new order that has been lost through an upheaval of familiar structures. Family, partnership, collegial or friendly relationships and bonds can also be fostered and stabilized.


This energy transmission over the distance is a very special experience. I work directly with your inner and your spiritual team, so that we get various impulses that serve your holistic well-being. It is deeply effective and sometimes brings amazing results to light …


This telephone coaching conversation with simultaneous energy transfer is particularly suitable if you need uncomplicated (immediate) help or would like to be supported in a process and cannot or do not want to come to the practice. We work very focused on the phone, so that the effect on the head and soul level is deep and lasting.


This coaching conversation via video with simultaneous energy transfer enables you an effective personal and spiritual development. You will receive impulses for possible changes on body, mind and soul level – and we will look into each other’s eyes …


With meditation & mediality & moon mindful and connected through life

Feel free to read also at the offers around meditation, mediality and moon reflections – also here you will find various exciting online events.