“Rituale sind Inseln der Zuflucht, in denen wir uns wiederfinden können.”

Pierre Franck

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Personal ritual counseling for more inner peace

Rituals provide support and orientation and thus give us inner peace. They serve us especially in difficult times as good supporters to better deal with tension, uncertainty and fears. With their help, we can establish a new order that has been lost through an upheaval of familiar structures. Family, partnership, collegial or friendly relationships and bonds can also be fostered and stabilized.

During my studies of ethnology I intensively dealt with different rituals found worldwide and in all cultures, their functions, forms and elements. Today I develop together with my clients both secular and spiritual rituals, for example

  • Rituals for the time of transition in the face of one’s own death or the death of a loved one,
  • Healing rituals to support people in letting go and moving on,
  • Relationship rituals for a first or renewed “yes” to each other,
  • Welcoming rituals for newborn family members,
  • Rituals for teenagers transitioning into adulthood,
  • and for many other special occasions.

By means of a ceremony that is specially adapted to your situation, which we develop together, you can better conclude the old and / or begin the new consciously and mindfully. With a lighter heart and “free” hands, the journey of life can then continue.


The joint development of a ritual that is adequate for you and your situation via individual video call takes about 2 hours and costs you a one-time fee of 300 €.