“Denn das Leben ist die Liebe.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Reiki and childbirth

A program for expectant as well as young mothers

The time of pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a time of upheaval for everyone involved and requires comprehensive reorientation and restructuring. It makes sense to think about it – thinking about it too much is counterproductive.

Often we forget before loud planning and preparing that we are beings who know on a deep level exactly how ‘it all’ goes – the connection to this natural inner knowledge has unfortunately been lost in modern times for many.

I would like to make the ancient inner treasure of knowledge that lies dormant in all of us available again, so that expectant as well as young mothers can find their way back to a natural, relaxed, carefree, self-confident and powerful way of dealing with these elementary times of life. Intuitive Reiki offers a simple and effective way to get started.

My program “Reiki around pregnancy and birth” that I have developed for you is unique – and at the same time uncomplicated in application and effect. It includes special Reiki courses and workshops for expectant and new mothers and couples, as well as individual Reiki coaching for first and multiple mothers and women who wish to have children. Individual, tailor-made offers are also possible. Feel free to ask me!

I am glad to present you my offer on the website www.reiki-und-geburt.de