Das einzig verlässliche ist die Veränderung.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Transformation to the essential

Spiriway: Spiritual-individual transformational accompaniment

Since the year 2000, as a result of a serious accident with near-death experience, I am myself on my ‘soul-light path’. In the meantime I was allowed to accompany hundreds of people on their ‘transformation path’ and experience with them how they think, feel and realize their smiling life in a relatively short time – how wonderful-ful, I love it!

From the bottom of my heart I will gladly join you on the journey to your life of freedom and connection, which will bring you joy, peace and abundance. Yay!

I have made the experience that the inner development necessary for a free, self-determined and joyful life runs easier and steadier when you get gentle impulses and mindful support from me. For you and your transformation it is especially about …

  • … the training of intuition, which shows you the right way,
  • … the stable connection with your inner sources of power,
  • … feeling your inner and outer freedom,
  • … finding and letting go of inner ‘saboteurs’,
  • … maintaining inner security and stability in challenging situations,
  • … the living realization that everything is already available and usable,
  • … the experience that making decisions is a joy,
  • … to find and keep the confidence in yourself and in life,
  • … taking self-determined steps with ease.

I offer you my hand whenever you need it, am at your side when you lose focus of the light on the horizon, and show you possible paths so that you can “free ride” in the end. And above all, I constantly remind you that you have the strength, courage and everything else within you to be the creator of your new life.

Our goal is your life in joy, freedom, peace and abundance!

This intensive program is made for you if you…

  • … feel that you are at a very important crossroads in your life,
  • … you already know a lot about yourself, your inner mechanisms and also the possible ways out, but somehow you keep getting stuck at the same point,
  • … know that decisions are required and necessary, but you need impulses to really think, feel and go new ways,
  • … wish you a “well-keeper” for your breakthrough, who reminds you of your essentials when you lose focus.

Here you can find some feedback from clients about our work together …

Goal and our path to it

  • You can perceive the crisis as an opportunity and use it as such for yourself.
  • You change at your own pace and let new perspectives for your new life emerge through my impulses.
  • You can leave the old behind and have your hands free to tackle the new.
  • You feel powerful and develop the courage to decide, to go new ways and to follow your heart.
  • Your life is a joy! You feel freedom! You experience abundance! You experience peace!
  • You feel connected – with yourself and with life! And so everything becomes possible …

Sequence – this is how we work

  • If you have decided, please contact me via the contact form or by mail.
  • Ideally, you should also suggest an appointment in this message or tell me your possible days and times for our first phone call.
  • If we find out in this free orientation meeting that “it” flows well between us and that we can work together successfully for you, we will set off together on your “Spiriway” … 😉
  • The way we work together subsequently depends on you and your needs.
  • I recommend that we work together intensively on your transformation for at least eight weeks. If necessary, this sequence can then also be extended.

Included in this eight-week transformation process is …

  • … a weekly personal Reiki coaching by phone or video call,
  • … for the time in between beneficial homework, meditations and other helpful tools, depending on your needs,
  • … for the “emergency” the possibility for a short term exchange via Signal or mail,
  • … many individual impulses from me, which will help you where you are stuck,
  • … intuitive messages from your inner and spiritual team, which I transmit to you and which are useful signposts for you,
  • … Your being and participation in my “high vibrating” energy field, which carries you during the whole time through your process.

You should know

  • For your transformation process I set eight weeks – the 8 is a special number … 😉
  • The start is possible at any time. To make an appointment please contact me.
  • Included are 8 x 90-minute Reiki-Phone (or optional Reiki-Video) as well as additional mail or SMS exchange in between if needed, ‘homework’ as desired and needed as well as the constant presence of my energy field, which you will surely feel and appreciate.
  • If you are working with me for the first time, I will send you a treatment contract before our appointment, which you please read at your leisure and then briefly confirm it to me by mail.