Verwandte Seelen grüßen sich von ferne.

Arthut Schopenhauer

Remote-energy-transmission with aura reading and channeling

Effective and far-reaching, profound and liberating – an almost unbelievable experience

  • You would like to find your inner balance again?
  • You are ailing, powerless, weary or tired of life?
  • You feel overwhelmed, insecure or anxious?
  • You are looking for your way, where it should go privately or professionally and need impulses for it?
  • You are ready to change something in your life situation, but you don’t really know where to start?
  • You would like to know what the causes are and what can bring the breakthrough and healing?

Sometimes you don’t want to talk, nor do you want to think or work out a solution with your head alone. Sometimes it needs a multidimensional approach that draws on other levels in addition to the aspects of body, mind and soul. For this I have developed the Reiki-Remote. And this is how it works:

While you make yourself comfortable at your favorite spot, I connect energetically with your body-mind-spirit system. I “read” your energy field and can thus recognize where the blockages are and how they can be gently but sustainably solved.

At the same time I get in contact with your spiritual team and ask for impulses and inspirations. These answers range from previously unconsidered causes and surprising approaches to solutions, to new beliefs and behavioral options, to comprehensive and touching messages.

During the entire session I also let the healing Reiki energy from the source of life flow to you over the distance. You usually feel this through warmth, tingling or similar physical sensations. This gently and powerfully supports the self-healing of body, mind and spirit.

The focus of this very special session for me is always the promotion of your holistic healing process with the goal of finding, strengthening and stabilizing your best possible overall state in freedom, joy, peace and abundance. Also, my focus is to bring you back more in touch with yourself, life, “Mother Earth” as well as “Father Sky”.

And about all that I receive and intuitively perceive and also about which impulses I give to your body-mind-spirit system, I will send you a detailed report at the end.

Experience shows that after our distance Reiki session you feel much more relaxed, vital, harmonious, connected and full of life. So you can also return to your old day feeling stronger, calmer and more confident and face the challenges with new courage and new ideas.

For people who have not yet had contact with (distance) Reiki, it may be difficult to imagine that such a Reiki remote is even possible. But believe me: It works and even very well! The best thing is to try it yourself, how effective and far-reaching, deep and liberating such a Reiki-Remote is.

Here you can find some feedbacks about it …


  • You send me via the contact form or by mail a short information about what you need a Reiki-Remote or “healing”. If we do not know each other personally, please include your full name and date of birth and, if you wish, send a photo.
  • Ideally, in this message you should also suggest an appointment or tell me your possible days and times when you can withdraw for about an hour and switch to “reception”.
  • You can also formulate questions for which I will ask your soul and your spiritual team on your behalf and ask for answers.
  • When I am sure that we can work well together in this way, I will confirm an appointment for you, for which you should allow yourself about 60 minutes.
  • On the agreed day and time you will retire to a quiet and comfortable place.
  • I will notify you by WhatsApp or Signal when I start with the Reiki-Remote..
  • You don’t have to do anything except relax in the best way for you. It does not matter to me or my work whether you are sitting, lying down or taking a walk.
  • In the following 45 to 60 minutes it is important for you to let it happen. You can trust me as well as the perceptions you will probably have; these could be warmth, throbbing, flowing, inner images, feelings, memories, etc.. Sometimes a redemptive tear may also want to flow. Be sure: All this happens for your highest good, in a protected setting and exactly in the way that is good and right for you at this moment.
  • I will then contact you again with a detailed written or recorded report about what I have received, done and perceived for you. You will also receive helpful hints about the possible causes as well as tips about what you can and cannot do for yourself and your holistic recovery.
  • After completion, I only need a short feedback from you that you are well, possibly also how you have been during the Reiki-Remote. After the Reiki-Remote I recommend to stay in silence, to rest a bit, to drink good water and to let the whole thing sink in. You will feel that there is still a lot going on inside you and also the amount of information needs to be “digested” first.
  • In most cases it is helpful to call again some time after the Reiki-Remote to talk about your experiences as well as my perceptions, to clarify possible questions and the further procedure together. We can then gladly do this in a Reiki-Phone. Experience has shown that it makes sense to let a few days pass. I would also be happy to make you an individual suggestion for handling, if you wish.

You should know

  • A Reiki-Remote is always as short as possible and as long as necessary. Usually I need 60 minutes for this intensive session. I will charge you for the actual time spent.
  • You may transfer the corresponding amount after the Reiki-Remote. Here you will find the account details. I will also be happy to send you an invoice if you wish.
  • If you are working with me for the first time, I will send you a treatment contract before our appointment, which you please read at your leisure and then briefly confirm it to me by mail.