Nichts ist so beständig wie der Wandel. Alle Dinge sind im ewigen Fluss, im Werden, ihr Beharren ist nur Schein..


Change Week

Gentle transformation & restorative recovery

An intense inner and outer journey for women who are ready for true change in their lives. Who really want to know and get involved. Who are looking for joy of life, intensity of life and meaning of life. Who feel that the freedom, joy and fullness within them now wants to unfold fully in their lives.

You know it, I know it, we know it:

  • It takes inner change for our outer world to change.
  • It takes trained consciousness for your dreams to come true.
  • It takes lived spirituality so that your everyday life feels true.

The good news is: Transformation work can be fun! Because in my experience, joy is the primordial principle of the universe. And everything that is done with joy, goes easier from the hand … 😉

Gentle strength is key

In this natural flow feeling and under the warming sun of my adopted country, we dedicate ourselves in a small group of like-minded people for an intensive week to your desired change in a very relaxed way.

In a light-hearted and easy-going, smiling atmosphere and in the warm ambience of the Aphrodite Beach Hotel, located directly on the Cypriot Mediterranean beach, deep inner processes of change run almost by themselves.

My wish is that at the end of this journey you can say, meaningfully: “How wonderful: I feel the great, fundamental change in me. I feel myself, I feel my truth and my path . And it went very easily. On to new shores!”

Do you feel the longing of your soul?

Do you feel …

  • … the desire of your soul for development?
  • … the urge of all the treasures and talents inside you to unfold?
  • … the deep desire for joy of life, intensity of life and meaning of life?
  • … that it is time for a real change in your life?
  • … that you have worked, rushed and bent enough?

If you can’t wait to be yourself, make your dreams come true and live life the way you want, then this trip is for you.

What awaits you?

A balanced mix of meditation, guided exercises, group and small group sessions, “food” for the head and heart, free time, retreat and fellowship.

All this allows you to experience a deep process of transformation and comprehensive relaxation at the same time: Further development and vacation feeling, soul work and soul dangling in one.

Effortlessly and playfully, inner and outer change takes place while we feel the wind on our skin, taste the sea on our lips, hear our heart beating and feel that we are alive.

Thanks to my many years of experience as a course leader, I will guide you safely and gently through your processes, which will allow you to feel and experience your entire self.

Together we succeed in combining the most intensive soul work with humor and joy – according to my credo: “Amo ergo sum!” and my working motto: “The work on oneself can be deep and light at the same time, above all it must bring joy and have individual freedom as its goal!”

You want to follow this call?

… then welcome to our circle! Let’s recognize, experience and celebrate your light together! Show yourself and live your true and whole being!

You only need some experience with meditation, transformation or self-awareness processes, energy work like Reiki – above all you need joy in your development.

Period: October 31 to November 6, 2022.

Of course, you can also start your vacation earlier or extend it as you wish.

This is the preliminary program:

(may intuitively still change during the days)

We will meet in our seminar room at the hotel – you will find out more when you book.

Besides the daily sessions in the group you will have enough time and space for yourself.

  1. Day – (Opening): We open ourselves, the group, the place and the sacred space for our togetherness…
  2. Day – Purification & Clarity: We use the sea, the air, the earth and different exercises for deep purification on all levels…
  3. Day – De-vel-op-ment: We dive deep into ourselves, illuminate the shadows and discover the treasures…
  4. Day – Change: We transform! We look and transform what wants to be changed. We are mindful and loving with ourselves and others. We meditate, dance, paint, sing, write, channel and do all that is intuitively there and wants to be done.
  5. Day – Break: We let ourselves move, change, grow and flourish and rest. If needed you can book a single session with me.
  6. Day – Be Healed: We heal and are healed! We go into contact on heart and soul level. We open ourselves to the soul worlds in this world and beyond. We come home, arrive – in ourselves and in life.
  7. Day – Home-away: We prepare the way home, close our common space and say goodbye to being together. AND: We celebrate ourselves and life!

Touched, cleansed, clarified, connected, liberated and somehow completely new you can then – whenever you want – return to your everyday life.


Arrival and departure

You have to book the return flight yourself, as well as the transfer or the rental car to your hotel (tips and offers are available from the very friendly and competent hotel management).

I like to search and book my flights via google flights (destination airport: Paphos is a bit closer, so about an hour drive to the hotel, Larnaka also works, are about 2 hours transfer time).

Accommodation and catering

Please book directly at the wonderful APHRODITE Beach Hotel.

Gregoria and her team are wonderful and warm! By the way, she even speaks German.

And the ambience of the hotel is accordingly: warm, quiet, familiar, gentle, spiritual. I felt at home here from the first moment.

You can choose at the hotel:

  • Twin/Double Room, Euros 35,00 per person, per night incl. breakfast and all taxes, for two persons
  • Single Supplement, Euros 25,00 per night
  • Double/Twin Room for one person, Euros 60,00 per night, incl. breakfast and all taxes
  • Half-Board, Euros 15,00 per person, per night

Half board means a buffet dinner. There is vegetarian and vegan food – which is already something special for Cyprus … 😉

And Gregoria offers our group a light buffet lunch with different salads or soup if we want. Price: 12 € per person. Please let me know if you would like that.


I recommend early booking. Being together is part of the seminar concept, so please book at this hotel and no other.

Course fee

  • Seminar fee: 999 € – Early bird discount until 21.06.22: 888 €
  • Included is the course guidance during the course week

Formalities – numbers, data, facts …

Payment methods

Upon booking, a deposit of 40% of the tour price is due within 7 days. Only then is the place bindingly reserved. The remaining payment is due at least 30 days before the start of the trip. In case of short-term booking (less than 30 days before the start of the tour) the entire tour price is due immediately.

Bank details

Recipient: Spiritual Heights Ltd. (my Cypriot company)

IBAN LT81 3500 0100 1452 5392
Swift code: EVIULT2VXXX
Bank code: 35000
Bank name: „Paysera LT“, UAB
Bank address: Pilaitės pr. 16, LT-04352, Vilnius, Lithuania

Travel cancellation and international health insurance

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance. We as a course provider do not cover cancellations on the part of clients. We also recommend that you take out health insurance abroad. Please contact your German health insurance company to clarify the insurance coverage abroad or take out an international health insurance for the travel period. We as a course provider are not liable for this.

Note: If you wish, you can contact Ralf Messer, himself a Reiki Master and cooperation partner of ProReiki – der Berufsverband e.V.. He recommends this foreign travel health insurance and travel cancellation insurance with Hanse Merkur.

Cancellation fees (course fee)

b) The following cancellation fees are due in case of cancellation of the trip by the customer:

  • until 30. day before departure 10 %
  • from 29th to 7th day before departure 20 %.
  • from the 6th day until the day of arrival or in case of cancellation after the start of the trip 30 % of the course fee.

All other cancellation fees of the tour operators, airlines, accommodations, etc. that you have booked remain unaffected, i.e. we as course provider are not liable for them.

You have decided? How wonderful!

I am very much looking forward to you and our conversion- and wonder-time …