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1. January 2022

You are a sorceress

The magic of new beginnings “Happy New Year … … to you,” is probably the most frequently uttered phrase in January 2022. When it is spoken […]
30. November 2021

Finding the beginning in the end

End & beginning are inseparable December as a time of transition This time last year, 2020, I was in the middle of it: I had decided […]
9. November 2021

The thing with the index finger

Separation or connection? … or: Why sweeping behind your own door makes sense “It’s not the virus that divides us, but the measures and the opinions” […]

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27. December 2021


Sabine Hochmuth · Vergebung Weihnachten 2021 Meditative exercise for more peace & freedom This small, fine meditative exercise wants to support you in forgiving yourself and […]
24. April 2021

A life with Reiki

Sabine Hochmuth · A life with Reiki Reading from my new book Testimonials from Reiki practitioners I sat down today at one of my favorite places […]
23. April 2021

Life energy

Sabine Hochmuth · Life energy Visualization exercise I have called this guided visualization exercise “Life Energy”. It is a meditative exercise for you and your consciousness. […]
1. October 2021

How it works with the fullness …

The golden October What is the gold in your life? Im Nebel ruhet noch die Welt, noch träumen Wald und Wiesen; bald siehst du, wenn der […]